5 Reasons Why Fiber is the Way to Go!

Man using a laptop

Fiber Optic Internet is everywhere. It’s a leading broadband solution for businesses and residences, alike. So, why is Fiber the way to go? While the answers are limitless, Coastal Communications has paired it down for you. Here are the top five reasons Fiber Internet is unlike any other option:

Super-Fast Speeds
Connectivity is paramount in the modern world. When you have fiber internet, you’re always connected. You have the fastest (and most reliable) speeds possible… Even at peak hours of the day. The bandwidth capabilities are unmatched. With the potential to reach gigabit speeds (1000/1000 Mbps), you will no longer have your internet connection buffering. So, how does this work? Fiber optics are long, thin strands of carefully drawn glass that are as thin as a piece of human hair. These strands are arranged in bundles called optical cables. We rely on them to transmit light signals over long distances. Not sure what your current speeds are? Use our Speed Test tool to find out!

Symmetrical Speeds
Fiber is the only type of internet that gives you symmetrical speeds. What that means is the upload speeds are exactly the same as the download speeds. Upload is when you’re adding information to the Internet, for example posting videos and photos or sending documents to the cloud. Download is what you do when you’re searching the web or streaming TV. Fiber Optic Internet is able to offer this because it has a much larger capacity to deliver data compared to other internet types.

Uncapped Data
Sharing is caring. But not when it comes to your internet connection. Many broadband connections have shared bandwidth, where several locations share one lump speed. Meaning, you as the consumer will not be able to use the Internet at the same speed all the time. In these cases, your provider uses throttling or data caps to slow down the speed during the busiest time of the day and/or cap your data when you have reached your limit. With Fiber Optic Internet, you have unlimited data at your fingertips.

No Lag Time
In the broadband world, lag time, or the delay in data transfer, is called latency. It’s the time it takes for data to be transferred between its original source and its destination, measured in milliseconds. When you have Fiber Optic as your internet solution, there is much lower latency because of its faster speeds and clear transmission. Those that rely on live feeds, play video games or need quick reaction times in their office spaces will greatly benefit from Fiber Optic.

A More Sustainable Future
Fiber Optic is the most environmentally advantageous internet choice. First and foremost, the infrastructure is very sustainable. It’s durable and can withstand the elements… meaning less repairs (and happier customers). In addition, waste reduction, lower energy consumption and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions make the fiber technology infrastructure an eco-friendly choice. There are also much lower energy requirements to power fiber optics, which means a lower carbon footprint and lower price of operation… This is a win for both cable operators and their customers.

Fiber Optic is a win all around and certainly the way to go! Ready to make the switch? Pre-register today and we’ll let you know when our service is available in your area!